Comprehensive Sciences Department

Dr. Marjay D. Anderson, Chairman

Post Final
Conference Hours,
Spring 2012 Semester

     The Comprehensive Sciences Department provides a series of basic science courses critical to the core general education curriculum requirements for students in University bachelor level degree granting programs.  The department effectively provides a vital interface between cultural and technical knowledge in the sciences through innovative pedagogical ideas and applied laboratory techniques.  

     The Comprehensive Sciences Lecture- Laboratory courses are:   Life Sciences (COMP-001, Planetary Science (COMP-002 and COMP-702), Physical Science (COMP-003) and Computer Science (COMP-004). These courses are designated among the Introductory Natural Science Course offerings. These courses are required in the General Education curricula in the College of Arts and Sciences; the Schools of Business, Communications, and Education; the Division of Nursing and Allied Health; and the Programs in the Schools of Engineering and Architecture. These academic units have determined the necessity of a Natural Science component in the schedule of courses that students must complete in order to receive a degree from the University.






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Fall 2011 Semester


  Physical Science

Planetary Science